How Can Vegan Food Producers Make a Difference?

In the past, most retail grocery stores carried very few, if any, vegan products. Although veganism has been popular in mainstream society for many years, food producers often ignored this vast part of society, refusing to cater to their unique dietary needs. When foods were available to vegan consumers, they were mostly found in high-end health food stores that were too expensive for many people to afford. Five years ago, one company rose to the challenge to begin making major changes in how vegan foods are produced, along with how the ingredients being used were grown. Hampton Creek has worked to change the food industry and it all began with their Just Mayo product.

Hampton Creek immediately set out to be different from the rest. They wanted to be able to produce healthy foods that were accessible and inexpensive so the masses could make better choices. As one of the owners said, producing healthier foods does no good if people do not have access to them. That is why Hampton Creek is working with the biggest mass retailers so their products are available to more people.

To make their products as healthy as possible, they began working on researching as many plants as they possibly could. They began creating a large database of thousands of plants that could be used. Their research allowed them to find a host of plants that could be used in the creation of delicious foods. The biggest issue with producing healthy vegan foods was having a binding agent that could replace eggs.

Without eggs, cakes, cookies, pancakes, and a variety of desserts were off limits. They were able to discover two ingredients that could be used as binding agents in foods. One was a Canadian split yellow pea. This can be used to make mayo, dressings, and other vegan foods. Sorghum has been used to create their delicious line of pancakes, brownies, and cake mixes.

If you are a vegan or simply want to be able to eat healthier, you can rest assured their products are backed by their stellar reputation. If you would like to keep up to date on the latest news about Hampton Creek, you can visit their Facebook page or website.